what started as a poem challenge evolved into a steady blog about my life, love, and other randomness in my head

March 10

Why must you take your spikes

And tap dance on my ovaries

I don’t appreciate the rutheless manner

In which you triple time step over and over again 


March 9

Look into my eyes 

Have you seen the laughter 

The inexplicable joy

That springs up from some well

Deep inside my soul

Ok I know I missed 2 days but my grades were due and I had to get through all those assignments.   Thank you for understanding 😃

March 5


Got em

Understand they don’t define you

They don’t show your intelligence 

They simply show you can follow directions and take orders 

They show your ability to be controlled

Make the grade

Get the degree 

Become the slave of the next employee

They don’t define your creativity 


March 4

Have you ever been so hungry

That it felt like the front of your stomach

Was attached to the back like

Wet plastic shower curtain who’s edges somehow folded in.

I have a hunger for things food can’t satisfy 

So I eat my belly full and still have yearning passion inside 

It drives me like a middle aged man in crisis

Who just bought a shiny red Porsche 

And has plenty open road 

March 3

Another year has gone by 

I wonder about that iron jungle

Has it stolen your youthful glow

Did it indoctrinate your mind 

Did it obscure your masculinity

Did it indoctrinate your mind 

Has it stolen your youthful glow 

I wonder about that iron jungle 

Another year has gone by 

Muscles (March 2)

The struggle

* I looked up the shortest poem in the world and I wanted to try

March 1

What makes a poet is not the ability to rhyme 

But the ability to forge words together 

And build upon the emotions of men and women alike

To unify opposing beliefs through prose 

Feb 28

You give me strength to get passed 

The negativity inside my head 

There are dark places in my mind

Even I don’t comprehend 

But you love me unconditionally 

And You whisper Your thoughts of me

In the noise I hear your still small voice

And I AM able to push on through 

Feb 27

Is anything fair in love and war

What separates the line 

Love for what’s right keeps warriors from fighting the battles of

Deranged kings who’s greed knows no bounds 

While love for family forges swords to hands

And unleashes a passion in battle 

Unlike any untamed wild fire seen by the eyes of men

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