​What is a mother?

It is much more than pushing a child from your physical womb

Mothers nurture 

Mothers calm

Mothers by definition possess care and affection

They lavishly look after thier young kindly and protectively

Every woman has a womb

But every woman does not possess the skill of mothering
I feared the roll when responsibility came knocking at my matrix

I believed if I allowed it to unlock 

I would not be able to decode the mystery behind tiny needing eyes

I ran for home like my name was Jackie Robinson 

Thought I knocked the ball out of the park

What I had was a foul strike out

Thinking about it used to suck the life out of me 

I mean I had a life sucked out of me 

Now that’s not very motherly 
Yet on a daily basis I am tasked with the duty to mother someone else’s child

It’s a curious thing the roll of a teacher

For some I am transformed into the mother who attentively tends to their emotional needs

Though I’ve never pushed them from my womb 

They become my responsibility 

They invade my prayers like imperialist covertly taking over my heart 

I mean I’m not their mother

But I couldn’t care for them any less