​Somewhere in America a little girl is lacing up her boots tonight

She doesn’t have the luxury of playing dolls 

But she has to pretend to be mature 

Because the fantasies of men call for call girls who have yet to pass puberty 
Somewhere in America some family is boiling water in hopes to kill some of the impurities to make this poision safe to drink
Somewhere in America some little boy is watching the news

While other children play video games He is concerned with the continuity of his family unit
Somewhere in America someone is on their knees

Praying that their face doesn’t lay cold on the concrete 

Body outlined due to alternative facts being misconstrued 

Somewhere in America a revolution is birthing

In spite of the negatives the have revealed themselves 

An army of prayer warriors is entering into intercession evoking the will of God on land that healing can reach this land

Somewhere in America