​I can hear them chanting over the whispers of ancestors tears 

Swing low sweet chariot …

What is a life worth in the value of today 

With words you reference me as a whole 

But your actions scream you deam me 3/5ths of a human being 
I stand watching

I am told racism is a thing of the past 

But the past is anything that is not happening at present moment

So when you say past you must mean 24hours ago 

30mins ago 

10 seconds ago 

I mean what is your definition of a moment
I remember a moment when we were United, but it seems we only Unite to hate

So we buy into the lies the media perpetuates until we are once again the object of abhorration

Today I see familiar formations of faces full of hostility   
The illusion of freedom is fleeting

And the daughnting realities of an oppressed people assault my psyche I cannot deny what’s right in front of me 
But I serve I God who sent nations into exile to teach lessons

And even while evil kings ruled and the fires burned high

Call my Johnny because I’m walking through this storm unscorched

So while you are distracted by color lines 

My focus is on the line that separates wheat from tear

Sheep from goats

Because if we truly are one nation under God there is no black or white or Greek or Jew

There is me 

There is you

We are interconnected in the same instance of being alive in this moment 

Where we can acknowledge what was

Because there is nothing new under the sun

Let’s not make the same mistakes 

Let’s manifest the Lords prayer

Let’s Unite under the son