​Have you ever taken a good look at yourself

I mean 

passed the reflection in the mirror

Have you ever really looked at you

I looked at myself today

And there was more than just a face

There was the broken dreams of little girls

Who have been touched inappropriately by their older brothers friends

There was the self esteem

Of the chocolate girls who grew up with the nappy hair 

Feeling like they needed to wear it straight to maybe be beautiful

There were the eyes of women who feared vulnerability because to give another person access to hurt them again seemed like insanity 
I wanted to look away

But I stood in the bathroom mirror 

and I stared

I stared at the dry bones of a nation of women who refuse to allow old hurts and old fears to drive the car heading to their future

I saw the millions of women being healed by the love of the Father

Being restored to who we were created to be

Cultivators capturing vision and creating beautiful masterpieces on life’s canvas
Have you ever stopped to take a look at yourself in the mirror… 

Plz tell me what you see…