What is time but
moments that escape our lives
Day by Day
Hour by Hour
Minute by Minute
Second by Second
I’ve searched for more of you
Like raiders search for the lost arc
Like nomads search for water in desert lands
I am in need of you
yet you stay your course
Detoured by nothing
Stopping for no one
I’ve yearned for more of you
Yet daily you remind me of how
ACTIONS connect to true feelings
and mine have been deceiving
because with WORDS I express a desire
for you
Yet you tell me I have lied
This is the 7th time you have heard me say
What I needed
BUT this is also the 7th time you have seen
me commit to the same actions
which yield the same results
Insanity is doing the same thing
Expecting something new
It was this moment I realized
How I wasted you