So my friend Camari Carter posted a Daily Poetry Challenge for 2017 and I felt convicted in my heart as I saw the post.  The idea crossed my mind New Year’s Day as I posted a poem on instagram, but I said “thats going to be a lot of work.”  So I let the days pass.  Then here she comes with this challenge, and I said to myself… NOW I can’t ignore this moment again. So here I am a few days into the new year trying to discipline myself to do this.
If you have subscribed to my youtube (do it here) then you know I tried a 60 day Challenge and was not so consistent a few years back.  I’m just being honest with you – BUT this is a new year (lot’s of newness for me in 2017) so I will give it a go.  Hold me accountable!  DM me if you still haven’t seen a post towards 9pm – I am a teacher and the yearbook editor this year so please give me some grace (NOT TOO MUCH, just some).
I know that each poem is not going to be a masterpiece, (although that would be pretty freaking awesome IF that happened) I will be exploring myself, my relationship failures (5.5yrs of marriage and we’re done), and my random thoughts (thanks for joining the madness). I will end this post with the poem I wrote on New Year’s Day.  Here’s to a year of facing the challenges head on as they come!