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Joining the Fun

So my friend Camari Carter posted a Daily Poetry Challenge for 2017 and I felt convicted in my heart as I saw the post.  The idea crossed my mind New Year’s Day as I posted a poem on instagram, but I said “thats going to be a lot of work.”  So I let the days pass.  Then here she comes with this challenge, and I said to myself… NOW I can’t ignore this moment again. So here I am a few days into the new year trying to discipline myself to do this.
If you have subscribed to my youtube (do it here) then you know I tried a 60 day Challenge and was not so consistent a few years back.  I’m just being honest with you – BUT this is a new year (lot’s of newness for me in 2017) so I will give it a go.  Hold me accountable!  DM me if you still haven’t seen a post towards 9pm – I am a teacher and the yearbook editor this year so please give me some grace (NOT TOO MUCH, just some).
I know that each poem is not going to be a masterpiece, (although that would be pretty freaking awesome IF that happened) I will be exploring myself, my relationship failures (5.5yrs of marriage and we’re done), and my random thoughts (thanks for joining the madness). I will end this post with the poem I wrote on New Year’s Day.  Here’s to a year of facing the challenges head on as they come!


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Instagram Prompts 

I have clearly given up on this challenge BUT I have some poems I want to share from instagram promts.  Check out @thepoetslist on IG for some pretty good poetry content and well here are my 2 poems.

Prompt: I pray for those who

Prompt: I gave it all up…

If you would like to order the “blkgirl💙” wood plaque seen in the first poem shoot an email to and i will send you an invoice 🙂

April 6

Deep calls out to deep

Revelation reaches for my mind

I’m blown away by the untold knowing 

In my soul 

You are truth

And you desire me






I tried to quit 

Quitting is not optional

Though I tried 

You encouragingly 

Nudge me forward 


If I dream is a wish 

your heart makes

Then what is the wish 

your mind makes


You make me brave 

I’m not afraid

 unapologetically look life in the face 

 My self esteem is on high

 My wings are spread 

 I’m ready to fly

 Dang I’m  fly

 I’m on the top

 Cause what’s inside won’t let me stop

 I ain’t never gotta worry what a hater gonna say

 They just mad I’m doing things my own way

 Cuz they sure didn’t make me

  so I ain’t gone let them break me 

   They not sticks or stone they can’t break my bones 


   They words ain’t got me tripping 

   It’s just fuel for my fire

   No negatives I’m inspired


March 13

Keep my eyes on the prize

Pressing toward the mark

Got my higher calling calling me up higher

Your are my heart’s desire

Purifying fire burn up distractions

That try to lure me way

I set my mind to stay on

The things that are noble 

Things that are Holy 

Things that are true

The righteousness of Christ

That’s what I will purse

Killing my flesh daily so I can be next to you

I will not be moved

My focus is on you

March 12


You walk with false confidence 

Oh Jezebel

You keep yourself carefully hidden behind 

Friendly smiles and fake fidelity 

Jezebel oh Jezebel 

You want to keep control so you do what you must

Manipulating masterpieces of mischievous events which keep your illusions in the forefront of many minds


I see you

Oh Jezebel 

I’m not fooled by the falsehood dripping from your lips 

You will not lure me in with your seductive sway of your hips

Jezebel oh Jezebel 

I’m not falling for it

Not this time

March 11

What is reality

Is it what we feel 

Is it what we see 

Is our experience intrinsically ours

Or are these experiences a preconceived 

Set of ideals downloaded into our thought 

Inception at its finest 

Did you even really read this poem

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